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Snakelike: A Weirdly Good Combination

Do you like Roguelikes? Do you like Snake? Have you ever wanted to combine the two even though it sounds like the most random combination ever? If you answered yes, then I have good news. Placate The Cattin Productions has got you covered with their latest game Snakelike. If you answered no because this concept sounds like a bunch of nonsense, then I have good news as well, because, by the creators’ own words, “Our disjointed programming team outputs nothing but the finest bits of nonsense”.


Let’s start with the story (yes this game has a story). You were the youngest wizard to reach the title of Grand Wizard. Your name was sure to be put in the Wizards’ Spellbook of Magical Records. But before the time of your coronation, your rival Lin Froblervine cast a spell on you that permanently transformed you into a snake. In your new form you lacked the ability to speak or use a wand, leaving you with no way to reverse the effects.

Snakelike Magic

There was still hope though. In the past you read a book that described a far away cave, filled with dangerous monsters and peril. It was rumored that deep within it, one could find an ancient power that can restore an individual to his true form. Your journey starts here.


You’re probably wondering how would a Snake roguelike hybrid play. It’s quite interesting actually. You start in a randomly generated maze-like level with a head segment and four body segments. As you move around you will encounter monsters, chests and other secrets lying around. Somewhere in each level there is a stairway you can take to go to the next one. When you kill a monster it has a chance of dropping apples that will increase your size by one segment. By opening chests you also have a chance of finding the previously mentioned apples, but you can also get upgrades, such as spikes and armor, which I’ll go into more detail later down below.

Snakelike Map


Movement is turn-based, in the sense that every move you make is considered a turn. You can move in four directions, like in snake, and monsters move only when you move. Also, moving into your own body will result in you hurting yourself. This makes it so you need to take your time and devise a strategy, especially against certain types of threats.


You attack by bumping your head into enemies. Every time you slam into them they take damage. The damage you deal and your defense are influenced by the number of segments your body has, so longer is better. Ramming yourself head first into a monster isn’t the most viable way of attacking though. If you surround an enemy, you’ll get a bonus to your damage for every segment around it.

Snakelike Boss

In addition, each part of your body can acquire armor and spikes. One makes you harder to hurt while the other turns you into a slithering pain for any monster that would try to get a hit on you. If all of your segments have armor or spikes and you find more, then the ones that you already have are upgraded, starting from the ones closest to your head.


The game has a wide variety of enemies, all differing from each other in some way. There’s the ChimChop, a stationary monster that attacks everything that moves past it and deals a lot of damage, the Quadskitter, a four legged bug thing that only attacks the end of your tail, the Punglette, a mosquito looking creature that can poison you, the Clug, a passive slug, the Popper Bob, an exploding frog that can ruin an entire run if you’re not careful, and many others. As you go deeper down, enemies will become stronger and new ones will start appearing.

Snakelike Enemies


One would never think that combining Snake with roguelike gameplay would result in something fun, but Snakelike begs to differ. The guys at Placate The Cattin Productions did a really good job here. The game is a blend of interesting mechanics and addicting gameplay. If Snakelike has caught your interested then you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s scheduled to release on the 12th of January on Steam. You can find a link here.

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