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Smashing The Battle VR: Unique Among Anime VR Games

Hey, are you a fan of anime VR games? Here’s a fairly unique one, a VR game that’s not first person. Smashing The Battle VR is an action brawler beat em up where you control a anime girl with over the top weapons and armor. This is a pretty accurate summary of what the game is about. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a closer look however.


The year is 2085. A huge multiplex construction site becomes the victim of a hacking incident. Good news, most of the construction workers are robots which means few humans are directly affected. Bad news most of the construction workers are robots which means they are now murder happy. It’s now your job to clear out the mess and figure out the mystery behind the event.

Anime Girl

As for how the game plays, the VR aspect quite interesting. You hover above the battlefield, where the camera is, looking down at what’s happening. It kinda feels like looking at toys fighting in an arena for your entertainment. It’s something you almost never see in anime VR games, or VR in general, but I have to say it’s preferable to play the game with a controller.


Smashing The Battle VR is an action brawler so you probably already get an idea of how it plays. Robots come at you and you have to combo attacks in order to kill as many as possible as optimally as possible. You can also evade and then time your attack. There’s a lot of button mashing, but you can’t do it freely as you have a cooldown which you have to keep track of. Did I mention that the enemies come in large numbers, because they do, and you better choose wisely where to concentrate your attention.



Smashing The Battle VR is not the most complex or long game but it knows exactly what it is, which is a ridiculous hack and slash action brawler, and embraces this fact. There’s really not much to complain about, maybe just the fact that a Steam controller is more comfortable that VR controllers. If you’re a fan of anime VR Games and want to check it out you can visit the Steam page here.

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