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Save the Planet from the Trash-apocalypse in Trash Rage

Welcome to the end of the world… The apocalypse of trash. An eco crisis has come to Earth and our lovely planet is now a waste dump patrolled by robots. All thanks to the Polish indie studio Giant Lazer who are the developers of Trash Rage – a fast-paced VR post apocalyptic game.


About the Game

Trash Rage is an arcade-like game that is fun to play but is also educational about how you should keep the planet safe from pollution and recycle. And if you have read my previous articles you know that I am all for educating ourselves while having fun. Trash Rage is one of those games that combines gaming with environmental awareness.

Trash Rage IFGN Screenshot 1


The year is 2049 and A.I. has destroyed humanity. The few human survivors have managed to flee to Mars but now it is time for them to come back and claim back our planet! As one of the last survivors, your goal is to catch and sort trash using your exoskeleton. Two robots encapsulated in colored bubbles are throwing trash at you and you have to sort the rubbish according to the color of their bubble. While doing that, you have to watch out for explosive mines, oil blobs and other obstacles that might slow you down. As you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade to “Brain Blow” to try sorting rubbish by recognizing objects alone. But this can get very intense. There are also some extra features like slow motion that allow you to explore. There are hidden combos that you have to find out yourself and they will allow you to score more points. Which is always pretty cool.

Trash Rage IFGN Screenshot 2

Trash Rage can also step into the category of VR fitness games because of all the catching and throwing you do. And as it gets more and more intense you can really start feeling the sweat. It also trains your reflexes and your spatial awareness. But most of all it shows what the impact of humanity is on our planet and what will happen if we don’t take care of trash.

Trash Rage IFGN Screenshot 3


I love it that more and more developers aim to make their games with a greater purpose behind them. I think that’s very important for building awareness on all topics and increases the possibility to reach more and more people from with various interests. Trash Rage is one of those games that aims to do that, but apart from that it will provide hours of fun for you. It is still in Early Access on Steam and the developers want to build it with the help of their players, so if you like Trash Rage and want to try it, I definitely recommend you to get it.

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