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Rocketboarder: Flying, Lasers & Robots

Are you a fan of the Green Goblin? Do you wish you had his awesome flying machine? Well, now you can thanks to Rocketboarder. It will allow you to recreate the feeling of flying on a rocket powered hoverboard in space. Not only that but you are the hero and not the villain, so more of a backwards Green Goblin. Now that we have the sales pitch out of the way we can start talking about the game.



Rocketboarder is a continuation of The Path of Greatest Resistance, which is another game we’ve covered. So, for a recap, humanity was almost wiped out by machines and was forced to retreat to the edge of the solar system. Things got better though thanks to your non-stop forwards moving and shooting. Well the Machine Alliance is back and ready to be a nuisance again, but this time you ain’t gonna be simply going forwards. Now you’re flying on a rocket powered hoverboard. Honestly you don’t need to have played the previous get to enjoy this one, but it’s good to keep in mind that the games are similar


As for the gameplay, you are constantly moving forwards on your rocketboard, since these things to have brakes apparently. How do you steer this thing you ask. You plant your feet on the ground and move your body. For instance, you want the board drifts left, you lean left, you want the board drifts right, you lean right. You can also crouch to make your board swoops down and stand up with your hands to the sky to fly upward.

As you fly there will be a variety of things trying to kill you, mainly machines. To defend yourself you have your weapons, a sword you can whack things out of the sky and a laser gun, which works like a laser gun. There are more things down the line, but I’m not gonna list them all.

Top-down View


Rocketboarder has quite a bit of similarities with The Path of Greatest Resistance, even the levels are based on the same procedural template level. The main difference seems to be the way you move. Yet, if you liked the previous game you’ll probably like Rocketboarder too. It’s pretty cheap as well, especially for a VR game, only 3,29€. If you are interested, you can check out the Steam page here.

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