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Robo Bunnies in Space!: Two Player Fun

Space is a beautiful place filled with stars, planets and who knows what else. But it is certainly no place for two oddly colored rabbits. Even if they are partially robotic. Nevertheless that is the scenario we have is Robo Bunnies in Space! This game is the first self-published project of the developers at Giant Fox Studios and I got a chance to play a pre-Early Access build of the game.

Not your grandma’s bunnies

The protagonists of our story are a green bunny and a pink bunny. They are both partially robotic and apparently tough enough to survive in the vacuum of space. They have taken a powerful magical crystal from EVIL CORP. and are now on a journey through space to return the crystal to Bunny HQ. This is where we join in the story and take control of the bunnies. I wonder if these rabbits are somehow inspired by Jazz and Spaz from the old Jazz Jackrabbit games. Man I love those games… Anyway.


The gameplay

You control both rabbits as they fly through space and try to avoid smashing into things. This would not be so hard if the rabbits were not holding the crystal between them with some magical laser beams. So not only do you have to keep an eye on the rabbits but you also have to make sure that nothing hits the lasers and the crystal. This starts being a tall order when enemies arrive and start shooting at you.

Thankfully there are not only planets, rocks and debris flying through space but also coins and power ups. The coins are used to buy more power ups in between levels to help you out through your journey. You can get magnets that when activated pull coins towards you, so you stay out of harm’s way, weapons, so you can shoot back at enemies and destroy planets, health, so you can fill up your health when things are not looking good and shields, to soak up a hit or two.


More fun with friends

Playing Robo Bunnies in Space! is hard. The only way I was able to do well is to do the exact same thing with both rabbits. That way I only had to keep track of one thing and if I got the close to each other they were easier to maneuver with. But you know what is more fun than figuring out how to make the game easier? Playing with a friend. Thankfully the game is made with co-op in mind. Each player takes control of a rabbit and you try to work together. So grab a friend and make them play with you.

Plenty of content

The game is still in a pre-Early Access state and yet they already have 50 unique levels, lots of enemies, 10 boss fights, a bunch of achievements and an arcade mode. In arcade mode you face an endless wave of obstacles and enemies until you die. If you do die you can just pay 1000 coins and get right back at it. So if you are good enough you can actually play endlessly.



Robo Binnies in Space! is a fun and sometimes challenging game. It currently has a bunch of content and it isn’t even in Early Access yet. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me. You can check out their Steam page.

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