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Restore The Lost Race of Alive Machines in This VR Adventure Game

A young engineer named Chiaro gives life to a steam powered robot called Boka, and together they embark on a quest for the fabled Fountain of Elixir, in order to restore the lost race of alive machines to the world.

About the game

This is a first-person virtual reality adventure game. A young engineer returning home to the forest of Neverain to build a machine called Boka and bring him to life with Elixir, a powerful ancient fuel. Together Boka and Chiaro form an unbreakable bond and embark on an epic adventure to find the lost Fountain of Elixir. In Chiaro you build special relationships with a cast of enchanting AI characters. 

Boka is your steam-powered, penguin mentor; 

Scoria is an alive machine from the past; 

Ellary is an iron-willed proprietor of the Neverain Tool Co; 

Peanut Butter Pig is a forlorn swine who wanders the land in search of peanut butter.
There are many wonderful tools you can use in Charion. You can obtain the Janus Knife, an ancient blade. By wielding it with one hand you can throw its gem, then cut portals open or explode incendiary bombs. Also while you explore the world you will find many puzzles. You can solve them with the Salamander’s Breath, a flaming lantern that can bring Elixir to its boiling point. And for the first time ever in VR games, play catch with Boka, who will respond with real-time acrobatics and snag even the most hard-to-nab grabs. As I mentioned the world of Neverain is so big that you can explore a lot. It is a whimsical land of natural wonder and mystery. It is an incredibly immersive world so much that you forget about reality. And of course what it a fantasy world without some music along with it. The sounds and music are carefully crafted to match your surroundings. The beauty of the landscape is just amazing. 

More features

The interesting part of this game is just how interactable it is. Not many VR games seem to be able to achieve this. Since they didn’t miss even the little details the world doesn’t feel unnatural at all even though there are robots everywhere. They blend with the world itself as if it is normal and it has always been like that. Another interesting thing are the portals in the game. You can use them to teleport yourself and proceed with the story. It adds a bit more dynamic to the VR world that might become too static. Everything is perfectly balanced and the developers knew exactly how to achieve what they planned.


This looks like a very exciting adventure to embark on. No matter which way you decide to take you will always find fun and interesting things.

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