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RD’s Adventure Mini Golf – A Mini Golf Game

RD’s Adventure Mini Golf is (as the title suggests) a mini golf game, developed by the single-man studio Gear Worx Productions. The touching thing behind it is that the developer Steve made this game for his son, because they both enjoy playing mini golf in their local course. So why not turn your passion into a home project on PC for you little one and also share it with the rest of the gaming world of Steam? This is why I wanted to share this game with you, so if you like mini golf keep reading.

RD's Adventure Mini Golf IFGN 1
Whispering Woods

About the Game

RD’s Adventure Mini Golf just recently made its release on Steam and it came with 3 golf courses, each with 18 holes. The 3 courses are called Whispering Woods, Toy Land and Nile Mysteries. The name of each suggests what they look like as the art is thematically connected to it. The colors are very alive and vibrant and provide for a very fun and kid-friendly atmosphere. According to the developer, more golf courses will be added as free updates in the future. Another cool feature in RD’s Adventure Mini Golf is the 4 different playable characters. They are funny looking, anime-like boys and girls with very colorful hair and big happy eyes and are surely going to make your child want to play with one of them. The game also contains a 2 player head to head mode where you can play against your friend and watch them struggle as it takes them 100 tries to score.

RD's Adventure Mini Golf IFGN 2
Nile Mysteries

A Pleasant Bonus

RD’s Adventure Mini Golf not only lets you or your children enjoy a little bit of mini golf, but the developer has also provided a free bonus game that you can try out! It is called Tee Off Madness and it’s in its alpha state as a prototype. It was originally the foundation for RD’s Adventure Mini Golf but it never saw a release, so now you can try it for free as a gift from Gear Worx Productions. How nice is that? You can find the download link in the Steam page of RD’s Adventure Mini Golf.

RD's Adventure Mini Golf IFGN 3
Toy Land


RD’s Adventure Mini Golf is a funny game that both children and adults can enjoy. And the fact that the developer was inspired to make it for his son is just adorable. No paid DLCs are planned to come out but instead all of the new content will be added as free updates which is also great. If you are looking for some fun with a golf club and are interested to support the indie studio of one – Gear Worx Productions, feel free to check out his game on Steam!

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