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Addictive Puzzle Game: Rainbow Reactor

I recently covered Оh My Ballz, a VR puzzle game about arranging colorful balls, and now I’ve stumbled on another one. This one is called Rainbow Reactor and while sharing a similar concept, it’s very different, as it’s not based on Zuma. So why not see what it’s all about.

Rainbow Reactor Holding Ball


It’s the future. Humanity has achieved paradise thanks to rainbow energy, a form of energy that is completely clean and does not and does not harm the environment. Not only that, but menial labor has been completely replaced thanks to robots created to do that work for us. There’s only one problem though. You’re a robot, so you don’t get to enjoy paradise, but instead work. Actually, I lied. There are two problems. There has been a problem with the rainbow reactor. Normal operations have stopped due to a malfunction with the loading crane. Now it’s up to a clueless cleaner robot to load the reactor manually. How, you may ask. By throwing dangerous chromium balls. Keep a stiff upper lip cause any mishandling could end in a disaster.

Rainbow Reactor Ball Pit


As for the gameplay, when you start a level you’ll find yourself on a platform with a large container below you. The container is covered in holes, which you’ll be aiming for. When you hit one of them with the chromium balls it stays in the holes. Your goal is to get at least three of the same colour align with each other.Upon doing so, those balls disappear and you get points. You can also combine two different colours to get new ones, which is pretty cool. There are nine levels, each one harder than the previous, and as you go up you’ll encounter additional features and hazards. There’s also a Single Shift mode where you can modify different aspects of the game difficulty. The harder you make it, the better score modifier you’ll get.

Rainbow Reactor Robot


If you enjoy puzzle games and have a VR headset then Rainbow Reactor is the game for you. It looks great, has a fun and interesting premise, and plays well. Also the robot that supervises you sounds kinda like Glados which I consider a positive. There is also quite a bit of replay value thanks to the scoreboards and the adjustable difficulty of the Shingle Shift mode. If you are interested in Rainbow Reactor make sure to check out its Steam page here.


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