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Prana: A Relaxing VR Experience That Will Leave You Breathless

I like challenging games just as much as the next guy, but sometimes I get the need to just lay back and relax. So let’s look at a soon to be released VR game that based around that, Prana. The best way to describe it is by telling you that it takes the term “To breathe life into something” as literally as possible. Though I have to note that Prana isn’t really as much as a game as it is an experience.

Prana Landscape


From what we know, Prana’s gameplay consists of you finding yourself facing a wounded animal and having to heal it with your breath. Yes, you have to employ physical breath to heal various creatures in their environment. How does the game achieve this you may ask. Well, proprietary audio digital signal processing enables Prana to track breathing using the HMD’s built-in microphone. a playful meditation experience that the user engages with their breath

Prana Turtle

As you might have guessed, Prana isn’t for everyone. Its intent is to be a calming non-competitive place where you can jump in for a few minutes a day and enjoy quiet wandering and healing. As described by the developers Big Bright Monster  “The experience is one of self-directed exploration and focus within a rich visual environment, as the player comes across ailing creatures and brings them back to health.”

Prana Lake


As I already mentioned Prana is more of an experience than a game, which means I might not be for you if it’s not what your looking for. But if relaxing atmospheric settings which combine controlled breathing and meditations is something that piques your interest that maybe you should give it a look. The game is planned to release on the 25th of June so if you are interested you can check out its steam page here.

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