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Planetrism – stunning graphics both for VR and PC Desktop

Planetrism is a game developed by two independent developers from Finland – Mika Laaksonen and Kimmo Kaunela. Their project is a role-playing sci-fi game with survival elements. What’s really nice is that it has two modes – a third person and a first person one which allows for a full VR support on Vive and Rift. The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and it provides amazing visuals.

A free demo of the game was available, but it quickly outdated and the developers decided not to release a new one. Instead, the project will next be available in a beta version or Early Access.



Planetrism is a sci-fi RPG game set on an exoplanet, located in a solar system that is light years away from Earth. Your main objective is to build a colony on this planet and survive. You do that by scavenging for different materials through different environments. Changing climate makes it even harder and you have adjust yourself and your people to the planet’s conditions.

The environments can get very harsh, so you have to put in hard work to deal with them. You get to explore unknown and scary territories as well as beautiful sceneries. Not all is hostile and dangerous. Adventures with wonders and mysteries of the universe await for you.

As a player you can customize your character’s gender and appearance and you will be able to use various vehicles to move around.

In VR, the developers have provided 3 types of locomotion options that can be accessed and changed during play.



Planetrism is a very promising title both for desktop and virtual reality. Stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, full VR support, cosmic wonders and exoplanets is nothing more than what a sci-fi geek like me would want. If you are one, I recommend you keep an eye out for this game’s release.

planetrism screenshot 2

More About Development

The developers have put up a website where they share every bit of information about their game. They have a devlog which you can follow as well as their social media. They stream regularly and they also have a Discord channel that you can join. Links for that is on their website here. 


Planetrism Website



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