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Pixel Happy Game Girls – An Indie Game about an Indie Game

We at IFGN like to explore the depths of independent game development and the brilliant minds of all the indie studios out there. Today’s point of interest is the small team behind the lead of Joseph Ravan. He has been developing visual novels for over 3 years and with all of that experience, he wants to give his everything and make the most professional looking and sounding visual novel. Known as BestVillain64 online and with another small project behind his back, he just came out with a humble but successful Kickstarter campaign and we think that his visual novel is worth your time.

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Pixel Happy Game Girls is a fun visual novel about a couple of gamer girl friends who have a big dream to develop an indie game. You as the player get to manage an indie game studio as you join your childhood friend Masako Masumi. Together with her you have been developing little game projects for years. You started out with mobile games and eventually you got to creating larger scale fangames of some of your favorite streamers. But you are done with making fangames or tiny mobile apps and now you want to establish your own independent company and develop your own game. Along the journey, your friends join you to help you fulfill your dream.

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The game you are developing is called Robotopia and it is a Role-playing game. But as you get into the gaming industry, you realize that it is not as easy as it looks. A lot of difficulties occur and it is only up to you to be able to push through them and see if your indie game will become a success.

Main Characters

The characters of the game are 3 cute and pretty anime-looking girls. The character design is beautiful, as well as the character development and the uniqueness of their personalities. The first character is Masako Masumi. She is the head programmer of Robotopia. She was introduced to the game development world by developing a fan game for one of her favourite streamers. Despite being very introverted and shy, she is kind.

Pixel Happy Game Girls IFGN Screenshot 3
Masako Masumi – Head programmer for Robotopia

The writer for Robotopia is in the face of Kazumi Akimoto. She is very dedicated to her work. Her stories always include themes of betrayal which might be why she is always so tough and distant.

Pixel Happy Game Girls IFGN Screenshot 4
Kazumi Akimoto – writer for Robotopia

The next character – Anzu Shimizu – is the artist of Robotopia. She recently came back to doing art for games from an unknown event that made her take a break. Before that she was a famous online artist. She is very dedicated to her work only. Anything else will not even bother her and she is often seen sleeping.

Pixel Happy Game Girls IFGN Screenshot 4
Anzu Shimizu – artist for Robotopia


BestVillain64 started his visual novel with a clear idea in mind. To use his 3 years of experience in developing visual novels to bring the most quality game he can create. Although he had a very humble goal on Kickstarter which he managed to achieve, it will help him speed up the development of the novel and finish it before the summer of 2019. Pixel Happy Game Girls seems like a promising visual novel that is going to give you the ability to run an independent game studio together with your cute girl friends, it will show you some of the obstacles that occur when developing a game and it will surely bring you tons of fun.

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