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Paul Paul – Act 1 Game Review

Virtual reality technology is able to provide many unique experiences. Combined with the limitless imaginations of today’s developers, the industry is becoming more and more popular. It is not only used for fun, but also for educational purposes. It doesn’t only bring satisfaction, but provides a full immersion into a whole different world that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. A game that is able to provide that might be Paul Paul – Act 1.

Paul Paul is a tech-noire free narrative experience that lets you take the role of an astronaut, travelling on his way to Mars. It is set in the near future and you have to figure out your identity through exploring surroundings and events in an often changing environment. It is as much as narrative as it is educational. The game follows the history of humanity’s plans to try and reach Mars.

Paul Paul - Act 1 Screenshot 1


The story takes place in the not so distant future of Earth. Breakthroughs in terraforming, AI and other technologies have made it possible for humanity to try and colonize mars. Here comes the main character whom you control. Paul is a scientist that specialized in Atmospheric chemistry and Dynamics. The groundbreaking mission to colonize Mars gives him the opportunity to pursue his dreams. But that will drive him to abandon everything he knows on Earth – his family, his friends, his life.



The game offers around 15-20 minutes of exploration, interaction and simple puzzles to solve. The setting is of what seems to be a space station, very contemporary and pleasing to any sci-fi lover. You couldn’t get lost even if you wanted to. Everything is laid out nicely for you. There are sudden transitions and elements that might confuse you. But it is the ending that is going to get everyone thinking.

Paul Paul - Act 1 Screenshot 2


Paul Paul is more of an experience in virtual reality, rather than a game. If you want a crazy space, action shooter, this is not the game for you. The ending has a little about everyone. But if you want a well executed development and story that will give you all types of existential thoughts and emotions, try Paul Paul – Act 1, as mentioned above, it is free.

If you enjoyed this experience, make sure you stay tuned for the release date of Act 2 and 3.

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