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Welcome to Paperville Panic! A comedic VR shooter. Most people have had a dream of becoming firefighters when they were kids, before reality struck at least. The constant risk of being killed by burning rubble and smoke doesn’t sound that fun when you think about it. Nevertheless, now you can experience being a firefighter without any risk for your life. There is a catch though. The entire town is made of paper and you only have a squirt gun to use against the fire.


You’re the new recruit of Paperville’s fire department. It’s your responsibility to make sure the town doesn’t go up in smoke. But don’t worry, Paperville never has fires, and by never I mean until you finish the tutorial. The mayor and all other people in his building are caught in a blaze. Your superior can’t help you because he is too busy cowering in fea…. I mean, he wants to let you prove yourself. Grab your trusty Armageddon Mark 24B, A.K.A. a squirt gun, and go become a hero, or burn to death.



As mentioned above, the game starts of with a tutorial section. The fun starts almost immediately, as your instructor tells you what do in quite an amusing fashion. After learning how to move you go to a shooting range where you are given the Armageddon Mark 24B, your primary means of combating fires. While it might look like a simple squirt gun you’ll be wrong to underestimate it. It fires with the fury of a mighty garden hose which… still isn’t that impressive actually. In the end it gets the job done and that is all that matters.

PAPERVILLE PANIC! burning people

Your first mission is to go into a burning building and save as many people as possible, the biggest priority being the mayor of the town. The building is full of obstacles that will slow or harm you, including fallen rubble and spewing flames. For the fire you have your trusty gun and for the rubble you have a handy fire axe which you also use as a door opener. You occasionally stumble upon people stuck under piles of debris, that you can dig out, or burning individuals running around panicked. The later one you can put out with the Armageddon Mark 24B or decapitate with an axe, either way they don’t die from the fire.

When you find the mayor he is in his office and slides down a whole after a short exchange of words. Then you have a boss fight with a sentient orb of fire that loves to suck… oxygen. Once you beat it you have to run through a blockade filled corridor while being chased by an unstoppable wall of flame. Exit alive and you win. This is how most of the game plays and honestly, that’s all it needs.


Papervilles Panic! is a lot of fun. While its premise is simple all the comedy sprinkled across the levels is what keeps the game fresh. Nothing really to complain about, just a solid VR experience.

You can get PAPERVILLE PANIC! from the Steam store here.

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