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Paper Valley: Bring Color to the World

This ancient mysterious world has become a colorless, desolate wasteland. It’s your job to bring it back to life with the help of paper planes. Yes, that’s right, the only way to restore this world back to its former self is to apply your paper throwing skill from your early school years.


The gameplay of Paper Valley is actually quite simple, but interesting. You stay in one place and have to use paper planes to hit targets. Once you hit a target, the ground around it will start to change, becoming more colorful and lively. Some targets will open portals when hit, which you can use to travel. You do this by throwing at them a special purple plane that instantly transports you. This is your only means of movement. Eventually you will reach the end of the level by following these portals.

Paper Valley throwing plane

There are different kinds of paper planes you can use. You find new ones by hitting colorful balls or glowing orbs that sometimes appear on the map and by reaching a portal. There are planes that fly faster, ones that are easier to control and so on. They don’t just travel in a straight line. By moving your wrist you can influence the planes’  trajectory. This add a level of depth to the game that makes it more interesting.


Paper Valley has a very nice and calming atmosphere. It’s visually very pleasing to watch the world become alive as you throw your paper planes. The music fits the environment perfectly and sound like something you can meditate to.

Paper Valley planes

When you finish a level you are transported to a part of the world that functions as a menu where you can select levels. A nice aesthetic is that the more levels you complete, the greener this area becomes.


Paper Valley is a simple, but fun game. It has a beautiful and calming aesthetic and can surely bring you a few hours of enjoyment. It’s a great choice for someone who is new to VR.

You can get Paper Valley from the Steam store here.

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