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Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium Time Travel

About the game

Where do I begin with? The fact that this game has at least 15 different levels that you can explore or the fact that enemies in each time period are so different that you wouldn’t expect to see them there. Either way this is history through the eyes of CDIS Lab Game Studio. A gaming studio that has created a game for every taste. I mean, be it zombie nazis or giant minotaurs, they have it all in one game. Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium is a time travel game where you go through 15 different time periods. In every time period you have a different experience, mainly because of the variety of weapons and enemies throughout the levels.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium1. Sultan’s Palace

Take on the role of Alp Er Tunga in Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium. You start off at the Sultan’s palace where during the day you can freely roam in the gardens of the palace and look at the horizon as the sun sets. However, beware of the wolves that come out at night and try to defeat you. Protect the palace from these dangerous animals.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium2. Mounted by Vlad

After defeating these beasts your duty is to go to Vladivostok. You need to get to the bottom of this mystery and find Vlad who is the reason for everything. You travel by ship to the city and as you approach it you see the view of the city where fine green trees grow and light stone buildings stand. And when you get close enough to the port, you see cursed dark clouds stretch over the city. You will need to fight everyone who tries to stop you to reach Vlad the Impaler.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium3. Dungeon

In your battle you are detained by Vlad and taken to the dungeon. As Vlad’s bite burns your skin you lose consciousness. The unconscious moments pass so fast, and the rest is a slow pain. Many seasons pass and one day a very strong wind takes away the curse off of the city. You have been waiting in absolute darkness exactly for this day to come. Three hundred and ten years have past since you were imprisoned. Now you can finally escape the dungeon and defeat the guards.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium4. The Labyrinth

You will managed to escape the dungeon sooner or later. Unaware of how much time has passed, you will be excited to see the sunny sky and feel the freedom. As you proceed you end up surrounded by leaves. The leaves around you get more and more intense. Not long after that, you find yourself trapped in a maze. You must get out of this maze as soon as possible and find Vlad.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium5. Lost City

By the time you escape the labyrinth, snow has taken over the city. People have abandoned the streets. So much time has passed that these streets aren’t familiar to you anymore. Without anyone around how will you know where to go? The only way is to go back in time and remember who you once was with the help of a time machine.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium6. The time machine

After stepping into the machine you start your journey to recover your memories. Your first challenge will be to find a sword placed in a sacred temple. And in the process you need to defeat very scary creatures. The more you fight them the more of your memories come back.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium7. The House of the Janissaries

After defeating the evil beings you time travel to the house of the janissary. The modern atmosphere is replaced by books, works of art, old pictures and photographs of old people. You need to pass through this mysterious house and keep moving.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium8. Egypt

You can see huge pyramids rising from the sand from far. This time the machine left you in the wrong time period. These lands aren’t meant for any man to step on. The men of the Pharaoh are immediately assembled and run towards you to attack. Take out your sword and get ready to slice some mummies.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium9. World War II

And as if this isn’t enough you then time travel to very dark times where bombs and gunshots can be heard. When you see all the tanks, you understand that you are in the middle of World War II. In the distance you see nazi zombies approach you. Don’t let them get you and fight them to return more of your memory.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium10. Island

Oh no! Terrorists have stolen the time travel machine. You need to find them, defeat them and retrieve the machine in time or you will be forever stuck between time periods.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium11. The Hidden Ocean

Dive under the deep blue sea and face a number of beautiful and dangerous sea creatures that jump from the pier to the ocean. The portal is hidden and you must search for it to go to the correct time period.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium12. Factory

As you look around you will find yourself at an abandoned factory surrounded by the terrorists you were looking for. Eliminate them before they get you. Gather bullets and be careful when you run out in the open because snipers will hurt you from the rooftops.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium13. Maya

The Maya ruins once populated with many people are left only with mystical creatures and you have to defeat them with your magic wand. Reach to the portal as fast as possible and time travel to your next destination.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium14. Wild West

From Maya to the Wild West. Gun your way through mugs in order to accomplish your goal. Be a part of a gun fight and defeat the village villain to proceed to the other portal.


Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millennium15. Dinosaurs

The final stage in this game is when you go back to the primitive times. Meet the dinosaurs from the books you’ve read. Clear the final stage and reveal the mystery of Vlad.


This game has such a huge variety of levels that one might get confused. But when you look at the bigger picture you will see how things are connected. It’s fun that you get to battle different creatures in different time periods. You can never get bored and you will always be surprised from the things you will discover.

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