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One Small Step for Man in Apollo 11 VR

For the first time you can experience a historic event through the eyes of those who lived it. Using a mix of original audio and video together you can travel back in time to the first day when man laid foot on the Moon. Apollo 11 VR is a new type of documentary, you can take control of the command module, land the lunar lander, explore the Moon’s surface and deploy the lunar experiments before returning to Earth. Take a small step today and climb aboard Apollo 11 VR.  

Apollo 11 VR

It’s the final countdown

This is not your typical VR game, Apollo 11 VR offers much more in my opinion. It’s actually a narrative experience based on historical facts. First you attend President Kennedy’s eloquent speech, from your comfortable living room in your 60’s fashioned home which makes you feel as if you are really from that time. After that you get the chance to see the Saturn V rocket where your journey will be in, alongside Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

The experience is divided into several points of view, from the Kennedy Space Center, to sitting in the spacecraft and seeing how you leave Earth. Everything is ready and set for take off, you find yourself in the lunar module to wait for the final countdown which, at its end, will mark the launch of the rocket. After the final countdown and launching the rocket your experience is sounded by music that shows you just how intense it really was for the astronauts.

Apollo 11 VR

Flying in space

Finally the sky changes colour on the horizon and you find yourself in the darkness of space. When looking around the rocket you can see just how close it comes to the original one. Especially the dashboard of the module with its countless buttons. However the design of the other astronauts looks more like one of a porcelain doll rather than a man. However this is only my opinion, maybe some people will fancy that type of design. 

You will get the opportunity to control the spacecraft, but first the Moon that appears before your eyes is so big and beautiful that you can’t take your sight off of it. Once the thought of being in space settles down you have the task to alunate the module yourself. This task is not easy and requires very big precision

Apollo 11 VR

Your first steps on the moon

If you manage to successfully land the spacecraft you will have the chance to walk on the Moon yourself. You can leave your steps on the white surface for everyone to remember. You can move naturally or teleport several meters away from point to point on the immaculate surface. Note that you can also interact with some elements to get information on the history of Apollo 11.

Finally, your adventure ends with your return back home to Earth in the capsule. Throughout your journey there is always epic music to really get you into the ambience of the greatness of everything. All in all this is an adventure one should try for themselves and feel what Neil Armstrong felt.


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