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One of the Only Anime PSVR Games: One Piece Grand Cruise

One Piece is definitely one of the most popular anime series out there. With it’s huge fan base and hundreds of episodes of character development, it’s no wonder that people want to live in its world. Many anime series have games about them but very few are in full VR. One Piece Grand Cruise is one of those anime PSVR games that lets the fans of the series become a part of it’s magical world.


Grand Cruise takes place in the wonderful world of One Piece, where you join the straw hat pirates on the Thousand Sunny. And that is still the weirdest name for a ship I have ever heard. You choose which rooms of the ship you want to visit and which characters to talk to. Each place you visit has two main characters from the anime with which you can talk. Usually only one of them does most of the actual talking though.

one piece grand cruise Zoro on a ship

Interaction with characters

When you visit a room you mainly listen to what the characters are saying to you because every once in a while they will ask you a question. These questions do not have much of an impact on your progress or on the story, so it’s not that important how you answer. Other than just listening you can look around the room for items that belong to other characters. You can pick three items that you want to select, by looking at them for a while. Then when you are complete a mission, you will be congratulated by the three characters that own whose items.


Sadly, this is one of the shorter anime psvr games out there and there are only two missions. In one you have to shoot cannonballs at a Kraken in order to stop it from destroying the ship. It the other you protect the Thousand Sunny from oncoming attacks by hitting the enemy fire before it hits the ship.

one piece grand cruise Kraken and the crew of the Thousand Sunny


One Piece Grand Cruise may be short but it is just as charming as the show. And the reason for its length is because it is a port from a promotional game in the Tokyo One Piece Tower. Obviously made with love, both for the show and for its fans, Grand Cruise is a short and sweet experience. You can find it on the Playstatios Store for psvr.

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