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Odin’s Call: One of the Best RTS Games

Odin’s Call is a PC / Mobile game that seeks to go back to classic RTS roots combining elements similar to Populous. Using a simplified polygon style allowing for generating large, random maps for players to explore and conquer. You create the world and decide the fate of all.

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About the game

The way the world around you works is very interesting. In Odin’s Call you can use simple controls for adjusting the terrain to make the area better for your tribal village, or issue orders to launch attacks on neighboring players’ villages, and forts. While your territory grows you must be mindful of ancient evils that stalk the lands. Sometimes it’s not wise to send all your strongest warriors when the winter winds blow the strongest. While you do not directly control, or construct buildings yourself, your actions and the way you shape the land, will influence what upgrade improvements your viking villages construct.

Odin's call

A world only you can create

You have the power to create the world around you by your liking. Depending on how you decide to shape the world each game will have a different outcome. World Influence allows players to adjust the land. By selecting the tile you can change its position. The tile types as for now are: Hill, Hill Forest, Forest Flat-Land, Snowy mountain slope, High mountain slopes, Dark Forests, Rocky Wasteland, Rive Tile, Stonehenge and Barrows Burial mounds. Each change of tile requires a certain number of World Influence points to perform the action. World Influence is generated by your population. The larger your tribe area grows the easier you will shape the land. You can also have your vikings do other actions that use World Influence points.  

Now, how to gain command point? Well, command points are generated by your world map military structures that are populated, and allow you to give orders that require command points. There are a few orders you can execute. To intercept approaching war-bands muster forth warriors. Whenever the enemy gets on your nerves simply launch raids on their villages. If you don’t like to go straight for an attack and stealth is your game attempt to capture enemy military structures. Infiltrate enemy camps and slowly but surely overpower them. In the end if you should chose world domination send forth exploration ships to search for new lands.  

Odin's call

Terrors of the Land Basic

Not all dangers are just other Vikings in Odin’s call. Did you hear that? It’s a Grendel over 12 feet tall, and covered in thick fur. And if this wasn’t enough when winter comes, and the nights are long, and the land is cold from the ice mountains comes a ravenous beast. This beast wants to feast on your villages, and warriors while they are drunk from feasting. Be careful with every step you take. If by any chance you desecrate the burials mounds of the Unquiet Sleepers, this will cause them to raise from their resting place and seek one final fight to the death.

And under the moonlight you hear the howls of wolves that hunt in packs, and will pray upon armies on the march. During the day deep in the forests are bears. They are large and muscular, with enough strength to swipe with a paw and smash a warrior. Not all forests are peaceful glens, some are filled with lurking terrors that have taken control of the trees themselves. Such as the Cursed Forest from which no man has ever returned. Even high in the mountains no viking can find peace. Ice Giants, from the frozen tundra come the lumbering, tall ice giants, ancient enemies of Odin.

Odin's call


I really want to try playing Odin’s Call just to see how far I can get with my world domination desires. However, my viking skills aren’t good enough yet. The fact that you can decide what the terrain you will play on is very exciting. Currently it is on Kickstarter and it is planned to come out on July 2019.

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