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Marble Combat: A Physics Based PVP Game

Do you remember those years when you were younger? You would gather with friends, set up a circle on the ground, place your marbles in it and try to push your opponent’s marbles out. For those old farts that answered yes, you’ll be happy to learn that a small company of three people, called  Phantom8 Studio, is working on a game inspired by exactly that childhood experience, Marble Combat. In it players will fight each other in teams for dominance over areas on the map. The catch is that you’re all magic marble balls. A very interesting premise, so let’s see more in depth what the game is all about.

Marble Combat flying marble

About The Game

When you start Marble Combat it might seem simple at first, but soon you realize there is quite a bit of depth when it comes to mastering it. Your basic movement consists of rolling around and jumping. You can also dash forwards by holding the F button. The longer you hold it the further you’ll go, but it has an energy meter so you can’t spam it. There are also special abilities, such as one that launches you from a cannon, one that stuns an opponent, one that sends you up and then you crash down like a meteor, and others. Understanding the physics of the game can be key, as they play a big role.

Marble Combat Powers

So you’re probably asking what is the actual goal of the game. Well, you start out in two teams, each game can have anywhere between 2 and 8 players. There are large circles around the map which you and your allies must capture. You do this by standing in the area, the more teammates the better. While you do so, a counter fills up and once it reaches 1000 you win the point. In the meantime, you’ll be trying to push away enemy players contesting for the same circle.

Marble Combat Rolling

One of the most appealing aspects of the game is the map. It’s set in a child’s room filled with all kinds of interesting objects. The developer’s aim was to emulate the childhood imagination of what it would be like to be a toy in a human sized world. There are quite a lot of places to explore and environments to interact with.  Some examples include a mouse trap that sends you flying and a wooden train that you can ride. The developers are also trying to add a lot of pop culture references while keeping a good sense of humor.

Marble Combat Pumpkin Marble


Even if you’ve never played with marbles you can’t deny the appeal of this game. The physics based gameplay is a ton of fun, the setting and map are amazing, you can even find enjoyment in just exploring the room to see what you can interact with. Marble Combat has been in development for almost 6 months now and is scheduled to enter Early Access sometime during Q1 of 2019. The developers are planning on adding more options for players to customize their marbles and abilities and to work on a progression system. If you are interested in the game there is a free demo available on its Steam store page here, so make sure to check it out.


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