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Ludicrous Speed Review: Can I go faster?

If you tell someone that you went out for a jog and as the buildings around you were pulsing to the beat of the music and the sky changed colors and you had to avoid circular saws, spiky pillars and lasers. All the while picking up rings and trying not to lose any of your hearts, people might think you are on drugs. But little do they know that you were just playing some Ludicrous Speed.


In Ludicrous Speed you run on a path that is littered with obstacles. You move by either pointing or tilting your controllers in the direction you want to go. Alternatively you can use the trackpad on your left controller (on Vive) to change directions. I think these are enough options that most people should be able to play comfortably. You can also jump to get rings or to avoid obstacles. Speaking of rings, they serve as points that you collect to get a better score. I think having a high score system is very beneficial for a game like this because it opens the door for friendly competition. And that is always a good thing in games.

Ludicrous Speed 2


The whole game is stylized to look like a Tron inspired acid trip and I think it looks very nice. The color palette is entirely composed striking, bright, neon colors that make everything pop. I can definitely see some of the inspiration drawn from games like Sprint Vector and even non-VR titles like Audiosurf. Especially with how the buildings in the background bounce up and down with the rhythm of the music.


Speaking of the music. Ludicrous Speed has a pretty cool soundtrack that serves its purpose of getting your heart pounding with the rhythm of the game pretty well. The music was one of the first things that initially grabbed my attention when I first saw the game. As you concentrate on going fast and not smashing into a laser or some other deadly thing the songs start to blend with the action and you can hardly notice them. That is, until you inevitably die and have to start over again which again brings the soundtrack to your attention.

Ludicrous Speed

Some small gripes

The game is not without its flaws however. It lacks a dedicated menu and any sort of difficulty options, or different game modes. Despite its name, the game also seems a bit slow for me. I can see why going even faster will be a problem. The faster you go, the easier it is for people to get motion sick. However I don’t get motion sickness and have no problem with going at high speeds in VR games. I think the best solution would be for there to be an option that allows you to pick how fast the game lets you go. Keep in mind that it is still in Steam Early Access. And the developers say that they plan on implementing some of these features in the full release.


Ludicrous Speed is a title that is worth checking out and it’s not even out of Early Access yet. It has a lot of good things going for it and is being sold at a reasonable price. It is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can check out the developers and publishers website at You can find the game from its Steam page here.

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