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Little Legend a 2D Open World Game

Pimpim is a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world. Craft your own magic abilities, explore a huge captivating world and discover the secret behind the rebuilding of the universe.


Little Legend


As you take on the role of Pimpim – a teenager living on an isolated island with her adoptive grandfather. You work as a waitress during the day in a unique inn and by night, you look into the sky and wonder about your unknown future. Supernatural powers flow in your blood which allows you to control some forces of the nature.

Despite the fact that your grandfather doesn’t allow it, you decide to leave on your own for a long journey to discover The Grand Continent, searching for answers about your past. Eventually you reach the Capital City of Lancis and join the Guild of The Explorers on the advice of The Countess. One of the goals of this community is to retrieve artefacts from the past scattered everywhere because of the ever changing world, in order to preserve and keep track of their History. Working with the Guild is the perfect opportunity for you to bring together your desire to discover the world and to search for your origins. As time will pass, the connection between you and the Countess will evolve into a mother-daughter relationship, until you discover the true reasons behind the Guild expeditions.


Little Legend


Within Little Legend you can create your own magic abilities and companions. To do so you have to explore the 2D dreamlike open world and fight in fast-paced action. You will also discover a character-driven story with relevant narrative choices. You are a master crafter so you can sell items in your own shop. And here comes the best part, fly and talk with creatures as a magic weasel.

How fun is the fact that nothing compels you to follow the main quest to explore the world? You can freely wander around at your own pace in the game. In the City, you can interact with people, find useful information or make purchases, if necessary. You will always need to remain wary as the Expeditions to the outside world don’t always look alike. Levels in Little Legend aren’t of high difficulty so that everybody can enjoy the experience. Several paths can be taken to reach the same spot but the shortest can also be the hardest ones.

Artefacts and specific abilities are required to progress forward in the levels. Magic abilities with multiple effects allow you to explore the environment and also to defend yourself against various threats. You will often encounter aggressive enemies on The Grand Continent. Either avoid them or defend yourself using your magic abilities. Nevertheless, magic abilities are not weapons, there is no reason to battle with any kind of creature inhabiting The Grand Continent. Find a way to incapacitate your opponents by using the correct magic abilities in the proper way. Once controlled, the enemy becomes passive and ignores you.


Little Legend

A very special power

The unique power of Pimpim is to turn into a Magic Weasel. This power allows you to fly, to get through narrow pathways and to communicate with the other living beings. However, in that form you will be much weaker and the smallest attack can be fatal. Fortunately, you can use your defensive magic abilities to get by. Your flying ability is only possible outdoors and it helps you to move faster. The further you progress, the longer your ability to fly will last.

In your weasel form you can talk to animals and even sometimes to the plants. By using Magicraft you can summon companions. In other words, give life to stone, water and even vegetation after having gathered the required resources. Only at night that you can pitch your Magic Tent. And in the Tent you can save the game, summon companions and regenerate yourself if you have some food. If you get some sleep, you will end up on the next day, but if you rest in a bed in town, some highly appreciated extra temporary bonuses might be granted.


Little Legend


Little Legend is a beautiful and one of a kind adventure for the free soul. You can explore to your heart’s extent. The mesmerising scenery will leave a great impression as well. Either as Pimpim or a little weasel you have to be weary of your surroundings at all time and expect everything. Find the story of your past and discover who you really are.

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