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Lifeslide – a metaphor for life

Starting with this article, we want to shift our focus a little and spotlight some non-VR indie titles. They are games that we believe are worth your time. And the guys from the Bulgarian-based indie studio Dreamteck and their new title Lifeslide, are going to teach you how to value exactly that – time.

In the arcade-flight-adventure game, you take on the winds as a paper plane that is on a metaphorical journey through life. Metaphorical, because each level changes drastically and offers different ups and downs that you have to go through. Just like real life.



Lifeslide takes you on the story of life presented as an endless adventure through the different stages everyone goes through. Each level represents a segment from the human life and puts you on a journey in which you decide your own path. This allows you to make up your own story and your own rules as you go.

Lifeslide Screenshot 1

Gameplay and Graphics

Lifeslide looks simple at first glance – you steer a paper plane around an arcade-looking environment. But there is much more to it. You have to use gravity to accelerate or decelerate as well as air friction. Some of the diverse obstacles in the levels can either be of help to you or slow you down. You have a constant dilemma to choose between time or matter. Each collected in the form of golden (time) or blue (matter) particles.  

Time allows you to fly longer while matter improves your maneuverability and aerodynamics. According to what play style you choose, you can then unlock different models of paper planes.

Lifeslide screenshot ifgn

The game offers 3 game modes: story mode, an endless mode and a challenge mode. In the story mode you play through the entire timeline of life in a chronological order. In the endless mode you play your favorite part of the game for as long as you can. And in the challenge mode you get custom challenge levels which require you to find the best way to beat them.

All of that is executed with beautiful graphics and pretty pastel colours which create the world of Lifeslide. An ever-changing environment that is going to keep you in awe.


I was lucky to meet the developers of Lifeslide on a convention and I sat down with Mitko Tsaprev, the CEO of Dreamteck, to talk about the inspiration behind their game. Mitko told me that he used to go dirt jumping with his bike which helped him feel the freedom of flying, even for a few seconds. He explained that dirt jumping is just like life. It’s full of ups and downs and in order to jump up and feel like flying, you have to push through the down. Then he wanted to bring that feeling into a game of his own. A game about life “because life is awesome” he said. And combining the flying mechanic and their witty programmers’ minds, Dreamteck came up with Lifeslide – a metaphorical journey through life.

Lifeslide screenshot 2

It will be available on Steam in mid 2019 and is soon launching a Kickstarter campaign. Feel free to add it to your wishlist and stay tuned to support it on Kickstarter. The game offers tons of fun while bringing you feelings of calmness and allowing you to experience the freedom of flying even as a tiny paper plane. For future updates visit Dreamteck’s website or give them a follow on their Twitter

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