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Lemuria a Horror Puzzle Game

A first person puzzle horror game that dives into the depths of the lost mines of Lemuria. The player will solve puzzles and discover the truth hidden at the bottom of Lemuria.



About the game

After playing the demo I can say that I am very impressed by this puzzle game. In the beginning your only friend and guide is a talking lantern. He knows the way, or so he makes you think. In order to escape the city of Lemuria you need to go deeper into the mines and find the elevator to your salvation. To do that you go around rooms and move gems in certain positions. On top of every locked door there is a picture showing you how the gems need to be placed in order to unlock that door. At the start it is very simple but as you progress, the difficulty level of the puzzles increases. I personally took my time to solve them. However, once you reach the lower levels, the lantern starts sharing things that he forgot to mention. Chills go down your spine, you feel like someone is watching you. From here on you need to move fast or that…thing will kill you. It turns out that this game has a dark twist to it. What is it and how it happend, that’s all up to you to uncover.



The sounds and the music in Lemuria set the mood very nicely. When the moment is intense the music just makes it even more intense. It puts that pressure on you and you know that if you don’t hurry you’re a goner. The art of the game is very nice too. I really liked how the lighting in certain places was bright and when it got scary it was darker. This definitely spooked me out.



Run, hide and survive

Explore Lemuria in this single-player survival horror game. You will eventually stumble upon remnants of the once thriving city. You need to understand its history to find the way out. And you must investigate functioning pieces and assemble the past. Do so while evading the depravity that caused this city’s ruin. Hide from unexplainable things and survive until you escape the mines.




All in all Lemuria is a very impressive game. There is currently a demo available and the full version of the game will come out early next year. For the people that are interested you can pre-order the game on their website. How willing are you to escape Lemuria?

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