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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Have you ever been at the store, and you just got your change and they start taking the order of the person behind you before you had the chance to put the change in your wallet? Now imagine trying to talk another person through the very specific places in your wallet where you want them to put the change as they are in that situation. Stressful isn’t it? Now imagine what it feels like trying to defuse a bomb. You have the bomb in your hands and you know nothing about how it works, what wires to cut and what buttons to push. Thankfully you have the help of your not so qualified friends who are yelling at you what to do. Now that doesn’t sound like fun in real life, but in VR it’s a blast. Quite literally. The key thing you have to do is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!


How to get a team

Pick your team of friends who you hope, work well under pressure. One has to operate the bomb and the rest have to learn their part of the Bomb Defusal Manual like their life depends on it. Print out the manual on paper to make it easier for multiple people to work with it at the same time. Decide on who gets which modules. I recommend having one person on each module that takes a lot of time to decipher, like the Password or the Morse Code. Start with those modules so the people have time to solve them as the team does the easier ones. Grab a PC, Playstation or Xbox and if you have VR for one of them, use it. That is, if you want the full Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes experience.


The bomb

The person holding the bomb will be under the most stress so they better know how to keep their cool. The bomb looks like a briefcase with six square module spots on each side. Depending on the level you will have a different number and difficulty of modules. Each module is a puzzle challenge on it’s own.



Each module is a separate puzzle and has its own way of deciphering. The easiest ones are the regular Wires, where you have to cut the correct ones out of six and a button with a color and text on it. Those are pretty easy to solve. If you know what you are doing, it shouldn’t take you more than 15 seconds on one of them. Things do quickly become harder when things like the word module and the complicated wires come into play.


The Manual

The players with instructions on how to solve the modules don’t have it easy either. Some of the pages of the manual as cryptic as it gets. And if you think that interpreting the morse code that your stressed out friend is desperately trying to tell you is easy, you’re in for a surprise. The team behind the manual needs to bring their A game with the modules. They also need to be able to communicate clearly with the person on the bomb and to know what questions need to be asked.



I can not recommend this game enough. I genuinely don’t think that there is a more fun couch co-op game than Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. And there definitely isn’t one that supports VR and so many platforms. Bond with your friend over a simulated life threatening situation and find out who to call if you ever need to defuse an actual bomb.

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