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Justin Roiland’s new VR game: Trover Saves the Universe

Ever heard of a little show called Rick and Morty? Oh, you have! Well I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s probably the biggest animated show to come out in the past few years. With it’s absurd characters, crazy universe and raunchy humor, it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Now the mind of Justin Roiland, one of the creators of the show, has blessed us with a game, playable in full virtual reality. Introducing Trover Saves the Universe! With the help of his studio Squanch Games, of course.


What’s it about?

Clearly a game that curses six times in the first eight seconds of it’s trailer doesn’t aim to please everyone. But it sure will please fans of Rick and Morty or any of Justin Roiland previous games. It stars Trover, a little purple eye-hole monster who’s not afraid to fight and speak his mind. His eye-holes are often filled up by two little faces with eyes of their own. But Trover is not the main character. Technically. You are and you play as a chairorpian from the planet chairorpia, which is a little alien with a long head, who flies around on a chair and controls Trover with something strikingly similar to a PS4 controller.


Comedy, lots of comedy

Really the only thing you need to know about this game is that it has the same creative and insane writing as in Rick and Morty and in the Accounting games. Weird characters in weird places, doing weird things and having weird conversations. In the video from PAX on their Steam page you can hear a conversation between two alien creatures that starts by talking about how they have a big impenetrable wall and devolves to things like, one asking the other to rub his a**hole with his tongue. Like how does that even happen? It genuinely sounds like an improv session between two comedians and it will have you on the floor laughing.


A bit about the gameplay

You get to control two characters, which is a concept that has been done before but I don’t think it’s been done in this way. It’s a pretty original take on the whole VR thing and I think it works well. As you play, you get to collect upgrades and powers for both Trover and for your character, They will help you progress through the levels.



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Honestly, if this was just a show and not a game, I would be more than willing to sit there and watch hours of Justin Roiland’s insane rambling through his characters. The fact that it’s a game that’s playable in full VR just makes it that much better. Now I must warn you, if the Rick and Morty style of humor has lost its appeal to you. Then this game might not be for you. Give it some time. Watch some other shows, play some other games and when you feel like you are ready for more squanchy comedy, jump into Trover Saves the Universe with a fresh pair of eye-holes.


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