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Looking for something new and fun to try? Join The Adventures of Sullivan and the two-man team behind it. Bumper Car Studios consists of two brothers who had a deep passion for the classic, old 2D video games. And with that passion leading to nostalgia in nowadays modern genres, they came up with the idea of creating their own 2D experience, where the main objective is fighting, running and having lots of fun. If that sounds appealing keep reading about The Adventures of Sullivan.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and is in need of your help. Feel free to check out the page and support it. There is also a demo available on their page that you can play.

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In The Adventures of Sullivan you play as… That’s right, Sullivan, who is now a famous but retired bounty hunter. He is known to never back down from his bounty and he does that with awesome moves like: moon walking while fighting, fancy jumps and air slides that defy all laws of physics and more. Your journey begins when you’re on your way to pick up a hamburger, accompanied by your faithful cat Claude Arthur Thatchmoore (C.A.T. for short). Then, during this ordinary strut for some food, the worst thing happens. C.A.T. is kidnapped by the powerful cyborg bat pirates. Their motives? To please their leader who is fond of everything that is fluffy and adorable. This leaves Sullivan with no other option but to jump back into the danger of his job and destroy everything and everyone that comes on his way to saving his most loyal friend and partner.

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Game Features

The Adventures of Sullivan offers a lot of special and fun features that are going to ensure you have a lot of fun playing it. It will also bring you back to nostalgic memories of the old times when we all used to play pixelated games and we loved it. The main features are:

  • A lovely and funny storyline that will keep you engaged
  • A 2 to 3 hour gameplay, depending on your skill level
  • Epic Boss battles
  • 7 levels across various environments and fast-paced gameplay
  • A wide variety of weapons and enemies to shoot at with them and many more

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The two brothers at Bumper Car Studios wanted to bring back the pixelated games and the feelings of nostalgia they bring in the player. In order to stay as true as possible to their idea, they have created everything from scratch. From the code work, art and level design, to the music. This results in them mixing contemporary gaming elements with the funny-looking pixel graphics, gameplay and humour. And I think they are doing a great job



The Adventures of Sullivan is currently on Kickstarter, where you can read even more detailed information about it. What is more, you can help the development of the game by backing up the two brothers and their project. It is planned to be released on Steam and a few other market places later on. And if everything goes well, a Mac and console versions will be developed as well. I personally think The Adventures of Sullivan can offer a ton of sweet nostalgia to the old school gamers with its pretty pixel graphics and dynamic and fun gameplay.

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