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Japanese VR Games don’t get more real than: Live2D VR Girls

There are a bunch of anime games out there. Some, where you take part of an exciting adventures and some where you just look at a bunch of cute anime girls, dancing and singing. And that’s all well and good, but when it comes to virtual reality, there is always something about all the characters. They never look and feel exactly like they do in the shows. There is some piece of software that must be missing from the development process of all Japanese vr games. Turns out that there is and that software is Euclid by Live2D. Let’s take a look at their free showcase of a product of this software that is on Steam. Live2D VR Girls.

What is Live2D Euclid?

It is a software, developed by the Japanese company Live2D. It is used to turn two dimensional drawings into a model that can be used in virtual reality and looks and feels just like a real life anime person. When creating a person, you draw the head in Photoshop and you make the model of the body in Maya. Then you use Euclid to make a model that looks just like an animated version of the drawing.

Euclid software anime girl

What about Live2D VR Girls?

VR Girls is one of those Japanese vr games in which you just hang around with cute anime girls and have pleasant interactions with them. The special thing about it is that the girls are made using Euclid. The game includes two scenarios and one girl in each one. The girls are called Fuka and Yui and are voiced by Ayana Taketatsu and Tomoyo Kurosawa respectively. So not only do they look incredible but they sound amazing too. There is not much in terms of gameplay, mainly looking at things and talking with the girls. But it’s more than you can ask for in a free game.

Live2D VR Girl japanese vr games


Euclid is a very innovative and creative piece of software and Live2D VR Girls is one of the cutest free Japanese vr games out there. Check out VR Girls on Steam and give Live2D’s website to learn more about Euclid.

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