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Is this rhythm game better than Beat Saber? STUMPER VR

Rhythm games are, have always been and will be one of the most addicting game genre out there. Especially for virtual reality. Because smashing glowing objects that get destroyed into dozens of particles to the beat of your favorite music is on of the most satisfying feelings in gaming. That’s why today we are looking at another VR rhythm game – STUMPER.

Stumper IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

STUMPER is a VR rhythm action game that allows you to compete against your friends in a 1vs1 match. This battle mode also has a real-time ranking system which will let you compare your STUMPER skills against the other players. The game has a wide variety of music genres available like EDM, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop and others. As it develops through Early Access, the developers are planning to add more than 800 songs in the game library. You have a shield and a helmet in the game which you have the ability to customize. So if you ever get bored of the same look of your equipment, you can always change it up.

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In STUMPER VR you are going to battle through a path of dynamic crystals that are flying towards you. They come in from different directions and you are supposed to hit them and protect yourself with the help of your two shields. One shield is the color red and the other is the color blue. So, you have to hit each crystal with the corresponding color. As they come on different heights you are going to have to move accordingly, by either moving to the left, right or ducking. And everything is synchronized with the rhythm of the music.

Stumper IFGN Screenshot 3


STUMPER is a virtual reality rhythm game that leaves the saber to the side and equips you with a shield to push off crystals to the beat of your favorite song. The 1v1 battle mode allows you to challenge your friends and give your competitive side some satisfaction. If you like the game and want to support it, it is currently in Early Access on Steam

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