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Is This Game A Ghostbusters Simulator? – Spectro VR

What comes after death is a question we have all asked ourselves not once in our lifetime. And we to this day we don’t have the answer to that. Not even science can tell us, nor the so called psychics who claim to know the afterlife. And this lack of knowledge has given birth to many concepts. One of these concepts is that after death, our souls stay on Earth as they turn into ghosts and start to haunt people and items. Well, today we are looking at a game that is going to allow you to become a ghostbuster and face the paranormal in virtual reality – Spectro. 

Spectro IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

Spectro is a ghost hunting action game, that was made exclusively for virtual reality. The gameplay includes roguelike elements and infinite haunted levels to explore. It is set in the town of Weirdwood where something strange has been going on lately. You as the player and ghostbuster, have to dust off your gear and head into the most dangerous and creepy places to hunt for the ghosts. Of course, along the way you will be able to gather loot and face unique challenges every time you play. 

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Gameplay and Features

In Spectro, you have infinite randomness! The haunted house levels are randomly generated. Which means that you will be able to explore a new haunted house every time! Each randomly generated level will contain a unique layout, items and handcrafted elements that will provide a different experience every time. As you explore, you will be able to collect a variety of 40 different items and blasters. With the coins you save up, you will be able to buy upgrades to your gear and power-up kits, so that you can take on tougher ghosts 

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Speaking of ghosts, there are a variety of them. Some channel their evil ghost energy at you and others throw bombs. Some are even so outrageous that they shoot lasers through their eyes! You’d better bust those ghosts and not let them escape and cause so much terror to other innocent people. And in order to move around as easy and comfortable, the developers of Spectro have made sure to give you all locomotion options. Both teleport and smooth locomotion are available as well as other customizable settings that will provide you with full immersion. 

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Despite being in Early Access, Spectro is a virtual reality game that will provide hours of fun and satisfaction of being a ghostbuster. The feature of randomly generated levels is amazing and will provide for hours of replayability for the game. The developers from Borrowed Light Studios are planning to have Spectro in Early Access for around 6 to 12 months. What they need right now is your feedback so that they can polish the game and make it perfect. I definitely recommend you check out Spectro on their Steam page.

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