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iOMoon – a space explorer in VR

Virtual reality has brought the opportunity to experience gaming on a new level. To the point where you immerse yourself in the gameplay so much, that you forget about real life for a few moments. Even exploratory experiences like iOMoon are able to teleport you to a new world without the intense gameplay.

iOMoon screenshot 1


iOMoon is created with the sole purpose to immerse your inner geek into an unexplored space world. That is one of Jupiter’s moons – iO – where you pilot an exploration pod. And because the environment on this moon is so harsh for a human, the brain has been removed and placed in a sphere that keeps it alive and conscious. You explore and gather evidence of possible life. Beautiful pictures of other-worldly substances and environments show up in front of your pod. It really creates the experience that you are on that moon exploring, without having to suffer from the harsh conditions.

iOMoon Screenshot 2


We talked to the developers from Headtrip games about the inspiration behind the game: “The inspiration behind iOMoon was to create somewhat of an homage to old 50s sci-fi.” With an original soundtrack by award winning composer Garry Schyman, the game will fill you with 3D audio for even better immersion.

iOMoon is currently on Steam Early Access for 5.99€. And future development promises “more forms of lifeforms and situations involving organic materials, more gooey stuff… more weirdness!”

If your inner sci-fi geek is seeking a VR space adventure that will leave you breathless then definitely check out iOMoon.

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