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If You Wished To Be A Witch Now Is Your Chance

Witches Brew is a fantasy, crafting, roleplay game. Play as the local witch trying to establish her place in town by helping the local villagers. With plenty of characters and an interesting story this game will keep you wanting more.

About the game

Witches brew is a game that will take you on the adventure of a struggling witch. As a newly arrived witch in town you hope to be able to serve the village by brewing potions, scrying, tarot reading, cleansing, cursing and all manner of witchery. In the meanwhile you will interact with a variety of characters within the village, each one of whom will have different needs each day. By helping everyone in the village with their needs they will become more complex. You will often be required to brew some special potions for them. Potion brewing however is a tricky art and so you may not always get the correct result every time you try it, often leading to unintended consequences. But nevertheless you will have a lot of exciting moments and many funny situations.


Selena – The Witch (protagonist)

Ellie – Tavern Girl

Morgan – Blacksmiths Daughter

Taylor – Merchant Girl

Brienne – Farmers Daughter

Vishan – Elven Ranger

Anna – Assassin


Witches brew is a game where young witches learn the ways of witchcraft. You will have many interesting encounters as you proceed with your journey. If you liked the idea behind this game support them on Kickstarter. The end result of the campaign seems clear but you can always back them up to hit a new goal and add more content to the game.

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