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If You Want to Save the World from an Alien Invasion You Have to Play Aliens Attack VR

Aliens Attack is a short but wild virtual reality game, developed by the Spanish studio The Game Forger. They developed the game for the Polytechnical University of Catalonia. And in March 2018 it was showcased at the “Sal√≥ del ensenyament” where more than 2000 visitors played it. It is now available for free on their Steam Page.


About the Game

Aliens Attack VR is going to teach you how to use your reflexes until you master them and it will develop your shooting skills until you are able to defend yourself from constantly invading aliens. Then, when you are able to do that, you will embark on the common goal of defending the pillars of knowledge from the countless waves of aliens that want to destroy them.

Aliens Attack IFGN Screenshot 1

Gameplay and Graphics

Aliens Attack is a 360 wave shooter with Tower Defense feel to it. The pillars of knowledge that you have to protect are 4 towers around you. The evil aliens that you are going to encounter have 3 variable forms. And you have 2 unique weapons at your disposal. However if an alien gets too close you can swipe them away with your hands, giving you as third way to combat them apart from the 2 weapons you have. First weapon is a laser gun and the second one is a suction gun. Some aliens are immune to the laser and other to the suction but none of them are immune to your punches! There is also 1 super shot PowerUp that comes really handy when things start to get out of control.

Aliens Attack IFGN Screenshot 2

The graphics of Aliens Attack VR are beautiful, vibrant and colorful, very sci-fi and arcade-like. I could even say that the aliens you fight look a bit silly in a fun way, so they game is suitable for little children as well.

Aliens Attack IFGN Screenshot 3


Aliens Attack VR is a game made exclusively for virtual reality that is quite suitable for beginners with the headset. It is not difficult to get used to it, but can still immerse you and give you tons of fun of killing aliens and defending your world. The best thing about it is that is completely free on Steam, so if you want to kill some time and have fun, definitely go check Aliens Attack VR!

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