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If You Love Neko Girls This Game Is For You!

Cats are super adorable and fun to play with. But today we will talk about a different type of a cat. Cat girls have always been popular and this game is all about them. This is Albert Edgard’s first ever game and it’s all about finding the perfect anime cat girl for you.


About the game

Get a Neko is an anime cat girl game that features different types of girls. The game mostly concentrates on quality drawings and animations. The initial idea behind the project was to make a puzzle game. However, the desire of the maker to create an amazing experience was limited. After all this is their first project and they aren’t very familiar with the process of creating something big.

The release plan is to publish the game in autumn of 2019, although they plan to deliver many of the bonuses as soon as possible. The team consists of 2 people – Albert Ergart and his beloved wife. For them, games are more than just entertainment. Trough games people communicate, make friends and even find love. This is exactly how this wonderful couple met. Both of them dreamed of making a game on their own but couldn’t. With their efforts gathered together they were able to make their dream come true. And with your support they can continue to do what they love.



In total there should be 12 levels, 2 for each girl. The first level for each girl will feature a fully dressed girl. And accordingly the second level will feature the girl without clothing. Quite a lot of work has been done on this project already but it still needs some help for further development. With the support of people the game will have finished artwork and animation. Also it will include music and voicing for the girls to make the game even more pleasurable. And if the project reaches its end goal Get a Neko will have a story for the girls.

The basics of the game are to use arrow keys and spacebar to “draw” lines from the edges so that to expose hidden parts of the picture of a girl. You need to expose at least 80% of it to get to the next level. While drawing these lines, you must watch out for cat bosses that will make you lose a life when they run into your line. You need to be fast and accurate because the number of the cats grows with each minute. Leaving that aside, the important part is to get to the hot girl. Achieving your goal is very fun because you need to be creative and always alert.


Neko girls are awesome and you know it. If you are a neko fan then this game is for you. If you think this project deserves to grow and you want it to be fully finished support Albert’s Kickstarter.

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