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How to Sing to Open Your Heart – Otome Visual Novel

How to Sing to Open Your Heart is a fully voiced romantic visual novel developed by the one-man studio under the name of roseVeRte. The otome visual novel is actually the third game of the “Story of Eroolia” series. And although we haven’t covered the other two games on our website, we are more than glad to present this one to you. But of course, for a better understanding of it, feel free to check out the other two games and their Steam pages.

 How to Sing to Open Your Heart IFGN 1

About the game

How to Sing to Open Your Heart shares the same world as the previous games “How to Take Off Your Mask” and “How to Fool a Liar King”. One of the characters from the second game – Princess Myana is now the main character in this title of the series. She takes inspiration from the developer’s desire for something cute. And the first thing that came to his mind was a cat-eared girl, which is cute indeed. The story revolves around a human’s hidden personality and whether or not they are aware of it. In the previous games, we have seen some of the characters transform, which also affected their personality. However, in How to Sing to Open Your Heart Myana cannot transform even though she is a cat person. With that the goal of the story is to show that even humans who can’t transform also have two sides to their personalities. And it depends on different situations and even certain people to unlock those other personalities within us.

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Princess Myana believes that her singing can make her people happy. She is the leader of cat people and goes to visit Eroolia – a human country. She quickly experiences the cold feelings between humans and cat people and she hopes that her song is going to rescue them and help them find true love. And here comes the player to follow along Myana’s journey and see if she will be able to save love within the community.



How to Sing to Open Your Heart is a fully voiced visual novel, which really helps to bring the characters to life. It allows the player to immerse himself more into the novel and the beautiful and sparkly art style of the characters and backgrounds creates a lovely royal atmosphere.

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How to Sing to Open Your Heart is an adorable romantic story filled with heartwarming moments that will bring you moments of lighthearted bliss. I definitely recommend you try the other two games before you play this one, but of course it is not necessary. The game only recently came out on Steam, so feel free to check it out if you are into cute and pretty visual novels!

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