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How can you not love Differently Fast?

A game about people in wheelchairs and silly outfits, racing on full race tracks. Who would think to make a game like that? Well VRUG did and I’m so glad they did. Every once in a while, a game that is like no other pops out of the woodwork. And every single time that happens I get very excited. How can you not get excited? It’s something new that has never been done before. Differently Fast is that game.


The Studio

In the VR JAM 2013, Filippo Moncelli and Max Paccagnella practiced making VR projects. Then, after a break from virtual reality, in 2016 they created their independent game studio VRUG. Then they immediately started working on their first project, Differently Fast.



Differently Fast is still in a closed beta state, so it would be unfair to judge it as a finished product. But it does promise some interesting features like synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer. So you are either playing with other people or you are playing with recorded runs of other people. Or their “ghosts” as they are called. Some interesting mechanics include leaning sideways to turn better and rotating the outer wheel while holding the inner wheel to drift through sharp corners. There are a bunch of cool maps and some funny voice acting to give the game even more character.



Differently Fast is definitely made by people with a sense of humor. One look at their Steam page will make that very obvious. The page contains a “Did you know?” segment about centaurs, which I guess is supposed to make you look at the characters in the game as non-fiction versions of centaurs. The page also has an evolution chart that shows us that our next step in evolution is being in wheelchairs.



I don’t know if critics would call this game a masterpiece and shower it with awards. But I like it, and it is quite fun. The concept and presentation is so odd that you can’t help but have a chuckle. A fun, interesting and competitive racing game that is definitely worth checking out on Steam.

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