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Hover Junkers Review: Junk has never been this fun

Post apocalyptic environment, Hovering Mad Max style cars, Guns and all that in multiplayer! Sounds like a hell of a time. Brought to us from the developers of the hit VR game Duck Season, we get Hover Junkers.


Hover Junkers has an interesting visual style. It seems to draw inspiration from Borderlands, Fallout, Mad Max and a bit of Team Fortress 2. The aesthetic is that of a very empty desert with man-made things few and far between. All buildings, vehicles and even guns being made from junk. I guess that was to be expected given the name of the game.


The game offers a single player mode which is somewhat reminiscent of the old Oregon Trail games. You start off by choosing what to buy in preparation for the trip. Choosing form rations, ammo, camp gear, oil, grandfather clocks, engine parts, narcotics, engines, fuel and extinguishers. Each of these items will come in handy on the trip for taking care of the ship and its crew. Speaking of the ship, it’s made of junk. The crew are NPCs that you have to take care of so they don’t die before the end of your trip. Also there is a robot named Gunter.

  Hover Junkers Gunter


The multiplayer is the more interesting part of the game. You pick a ship that is big enough for you and your crew (of actual people this time). When picking your ship you also have to keep in mind the real life play area you have set up. After that you and your friends go on an adventure to kill other teams and destroy their ships. Killing may be good and all but how will a ship made out of junk protect you from the other players bullets? By adding more junk to it of course. You find parts all over the map that you can stick to your ship and use as walls.

Hover Junker Settlers Wanted

The gunplay is fairly intuitive and well made. On the revolver you can pop out the chamber and see how many bullets you have left. Reload if you need to and with a flick of the gun pop the chamber back in and start shooting again. There is a decent variety of weapons and for the most part they feel good to use.


Hover Junkers is a stylish game with a bunch of good features but it isn’t without its downsides. If it looks like something that you will really enjoy then you probably will. On the other hand, if you are looking for a VR Borderlands or a VR Battlefield you might want to pass on this one. It is out on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and is brought to you from the good folks at Stress Level Zero. You can buy the Hover Junkers here.

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