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Horror Visual Novel The Lovebirds Will Leave You Feeling Uneasy

The Lovebirds is an indie horror visual novel developed by the one-man-studio Cafearatus Studios. And being a team of one, the Finnish student managed to create everything in the game by himself. The visual novel is planned to come out in May 2019, so if you are interested in following it, then keep reading.

The Lovebirds is a visual novel that is definitely not suited for everyone. So, if you are of the faint hearted people, you might want to skip this one. But you’ll be missing out. This is one of the rare visual novel games that manages to break the fourth wall by playing around with your actual PC while causing psychological damage on your sanity. It really reminds me of Doki Doki Literature Club which starts just as nice and fun and then leaves you with your brain broken.



The Lovebirds starts off by welcoming you to Saint Marionette’s theater and their lovely performance about faith and love. You are then introduced to the main character, James, who visits church regularly in his small town. Everybody who goes to church knows everybody and they are all nice and friendly people. Until James meets a mysterious girl outside church that acts aggressive towards him for no obvious reason. Then you are sent to a screen where you see Windows Command Prompt and this is where the fourth wall breaks. This unknown character starts talking to you and questions your choices. It also gives you tips on how to progress through the game. As if you would want to listen to that creepy little thing. Further in the story you will see the main characters starting to question their own existence as certain events start happening to them. I will not spoil that for you and I will let you experience it yourself.


Art and Music

The art of The Lovebirds visual novel is very simplistic and childlike at first glance. Almost like everything is made from cardboard. But as you start playing and progressing through the game, you will find out why the art is the way it is and it will all come together for you. As for the music, everything is self-made, as mentioned above, from the developer and it fits the atmosphere and creepy-ness of everything perfectly. We all know how important sound is for a project to have a strong impact on you and this visual novel manages to send some chills down your spine. However, I have to inform you that this game may not be suitable for people suffering from epilepsy as there are a lot of flickering images.



I was pleasantly surprised by this horror visual novel – The Lovebirds. It managed to give me a few scares and the story is both happy and twisted that when mixed with the gameplay is going to leave you confused and terrified as to how far games have come nowadays. If you want to experience that, feel free to check out the demo on the game’s Steam page and add it to your wishlist for when it comes out.

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