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Holopoint – VR Archery Game Review

Virtual reality games are created with the sole purpose to bring you all kinds of different and unique experiences. You can do anything you ever wished. Provided that a developer out there got the same idea as you and decided to make a game like this.


Gameplay and features

Holopoint is such a game. One that will bring your archery skills to excellence together with your accuracy and stamina. Yes, that game can be a full cardio workout for you, even the developers put a warning that it might get too intense. So approach with caution.

Just kidding. Holopoint is a game that will bring out the Legolas in you plus tons of fun. You pick up your bow and you brace yourself for the waves of enemies that is about to hit you. “What’s intense about that?” you ask. Unlike other archery games like QuiVR where you barely have to move, Holopoint has you constantly squatting up and down and rolling on the ground. All while having to repeatedly reach to your back to pull out an arrow and then pull the string on your bow and repeat.

holopoint screenshot 1

The enemies you fight are blue holo cubes. You hit a cube once and as it breaks off into pieces, it shoots a laser back at you that you have to dodge. Keep in mind that those lasers are pretty quick. And the cubes spawn in different heights all over the level. So they force you to sway, duck, lay down, jump and all those real life movements that get your heart rate to the roof.

As you progress through the levels, blue ninjas with katanas appear that move towards you. And after that orange ninjas appear that throw orange laser stars which, again, you have to crouch to dodge. 

As fun as this game is, it has its downsides too, which I will put out below for you:


  • Extremely fun
  • A replace for your gym membership
  • Satisfying
  • Makes you feel like a total badass


  • Needs a lot of playable space
  • Leaves you breathless and sweaty

holopoint screenshot 2

Yes, the advantages are more than the disadvantages but having space to play the game is crucial. So, keep that in mind.

Overall, Holopoint is one of the most intense virtual reality games and one of the best archery games. It tests your whole body strength and stamina and boosts your accuracy skills. All while bringing you a lot of fun. I definitely recommend.


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