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Himeko Sutori True Adventure in the World of RPG Games

Himeko Sutori is a tactical, turn-based RPG. It combines intimate character development with epic battles and hundreds of unique characters. With the included campaign editor, you can make new worlds and new adventures, making Himeko Sutori your story.



How it all started

Nathaniel, the lead developer from Rockwell Studios started working on Himeko Sutori part-time four years ago. Then he started full-time work on the game two years ago. In that time, the studio has learned exactly how much effort making a game takes. With all of the knowledge the studio has gained, the game will be finalised in about six months.

Himeko Sutori is playable from start to finish as of December 2018. However the plot exists only up to Chapter 1. In the future the players can expect more lore, more characters, and all the cutscenes. After all this is needed in order to tell the epic story that gives context to the epic-sized worlds and conflicts already in the game. There are literally hundreds of sprite sheets for all of the characters and all the equipment they can use. As development continues players can expect more weapons, shields, armor, helmets and enemy diversity in this RPG game. There is currently mostly licensed music. It fills the space well enough, but it’s not what the developers hoped for exactly.



About the game

It all began with an unprovoked attack on a noble house. Not just any noble house but the house of Furukawa family. We follow the steps of young Aya that must find her way among crumbling alliances and her family’s questionable decisions. As war rages on, innocent become corrupted and lose their way. If there is still hope for bringing back the once lost peace, you the player must fight for it.



Lead the few remaining loyal soldiers from Furukawa house into battle. Forge new alliances and rally new troops. Train your troops in 20 unique character classes and recruit wolves, fairies, the undead, and your own mechanical creations. Each and every one of them with their own character classes. Limitless combinations of hundreds of different items to equip. As you proceed in the game you will notice you can craft powerful new weapons. To give them an edge in battle. Organise your troops into lances, relying on your captains’ leadership abilities and your troops’ affinities to maximise their effectiveness in battle. Order your lances in tactical turn-based combat to defeat your enemies in epic battles with hundreds of unique characters on each side.



This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of adventures to experience in Himeko Sutori. With the included campaign editor, you can make an infinite number of possible stories. Use the powerful Kismet visual scripting tool to set up your campaign without writing a single line of code. Or for the advanced modder, make entirely new games using Himeko Sutori as the base for your development. Then share your campaigns for others to experience.



Himeko Sutori has been a very unique experience for me. It has very interesting character development and fun battles. A variety in almost every aspect of this RPG game. You can have plenty of hours of gameplay and it is still not the full version of the game. This is still an early access title clearly, and yes there are tons of bugs. However this has not stopped me from enjoying the game and if you are into character development and interesting tactical battles I recommend to go ahead and pick this one up.

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