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Heralds of the Order: Become a Patronus of Balance

Heralds of the Order is a turn-based strategy game developed by the Bulgarian indie studio Archean Games. The small team is made up of a few young students with a big dream to create games. As the future responsibilities of a college graduate came closer and closer, they realized that they want to make a game before having to get a “real job” and possibly turn game development into their real job. So, here they are with their first project – Heralds of the Order.



As a turn-based strategy, the game covers the genre’s basics. You utilize positioning and cast different abilities across a grid map. What’s unique about it is that it features beautiful hand drawn art and a wide variety of 20 story chapters.


The story unfolds in Maala, a realm without gods that is on the verge of a catastrophe. Ancient powerful objects resurface which triggers a race to collect them. Even if that means to turn the world into a battlefield. Here comes the player who takes the role of a Patronus of the Order to restore balance in the world. You will face different enemies and allies to stop you or help you along your journey as the line between myth and reality shatters.

Heralds of the order screenshot1

Gameplay and Features

The key features of the game include:

  • Turn-based tactical combat boiled down to its core principles.
  • A sprawling story that will take you on a gripping journey across Maala.
  • 8 party members each with their unique motivations and abilities.
  • Hand drawn and traditional rotoscoped animations.
  • Over 20 handcrafted missions taking place in 6 unique environments.
  • Adapting your own strategy: customising your parties stats and choosing from the numerous God Powers to overcome the challenges ahead of you
  • Unique boss fights with devastating attacks.


Heralds of the Order gives you the freedom to carefully choose your own strategy of action and how you want to keep the balance in the world of Maala. With customisable parties, a variety of powers and unique boss fights, a true turn-based lover is in for a blast.

The combat system offers the following features:

  • Abilities with elaborate patterns.
  • Positioning, flanking and countering the enemy’s defences are the key to victory.
  • Various boons and hazards are scattered around the terrain.
  • Unique energy management system that determines the ebb and flow of combat.
  • Devastating God Powers which can alter the course of combat.

Heralds of the order screenshot2


Heralds of the Order is a strategy game that is going to make any turn-based gamer fall in love with the beautiful hand drawn design and diversity of story, powers and environments. The developers from Archean Games hope to release in the second quarter of 2019. If you love their work, feel free to follow their progress on their website or on their social media below.




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