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Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Be a Giant?

Today we are going to take a look at one of Patagoniart Gaming Studio’s puzzle games – Giant Life. The indie studio is located in Mar del Plata, Argentine and focuses on developing, producing and publishing high quality video games and virtual reality experiences. They are currently innovating new ideas for PC games with the latest VR technology.


About the game

Their upcoming game Giant Life is a physics-based puzzle game for Virtual Reality where you get to play as an angry giant. You are set on a journey, exploring the realm and frightening its inhabitants by destroying their settlements. The game uncovers before you from the high point of view of the giant and a common practice for VR games is to be able to see only your hands.

Giant Life IFGN Screenshot 1


Being a giant in Giant Life, you get to throw your magic stones at the teeny tiny villages beneath you. As they split into pieces and explode with nice and fun to watch effects, they destroy every little house on their way. You see your scoreboard right in front of you and you get praised if you destroy a lot of homes at once. The developers have implemented a great physics system that implements a great variety of elements that allow the destruction of the tiny buildings in real time. And to see the way they shatter into million pieces is just the most satisfying thing to watch.

Giant Life IFGN Screenshot 2

What is more, your magical stones vary and each variation has different effects and properties that allows you to have multiple ways to solve each level. Talking about the levels, they are divided into 3 zones: the Medieval area, the Viking area and the Pirate area. Each has unique structures that matches its name and they all make up a total of 22 levels so far.

Giant Life IFGN Screenshot 3


Giant Life is a fun game for destruction in VR that can bring you tons of joy and satisfaction from destroying tiny humans’ and their even tinier homes. It supports the Oculus Rift with its controllers, the Vive headset and wands and it also has full finger tracking and interactions for the Valve Index Controllers. If you like the game and want to try it out, it is coming out this June, so add it to your Wishlist.

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