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Have you ever wanted to try VR Archery? – Final Archer VR

I bet that ever since you saw The Lord of The Rings for the first time, you wanted to know if you can channel an inner Legolas within you and shoot arrows with a bow like him. However shooting with a bow and arrow is not always accessible. And if it is, you quickly realize that you are going to need a lot more practice then just channeling your inner Legolas. Because shooting a bow and arrow is not easy. This is why we have VR archery, and it is the next best thing! It’s, quicker, easier, more accessible and you get to actually kill beings – even if they are virtual. 

Final Archer VR IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

That’s why, today we are looking at the new upcoming VR archery title Final Archer VR. It is an FPS action game in which you take the role of the Final Archer. Your task is to defend your territory from the variety of monsters. To do that, you have a bow and magical arrows with different types of magic. For example, one type of magic is fire, so that means that you are shooting out fire arrows that set everything on fire where they hit. 

FinalArcher VR IFGN Screenshot 2

The game offers 7 waves of enemies in order to complete it. Although it is not a very long game, the increasing difficulty of each wave will make sure intensity is high, as well as the adrenaline in your veins. You can teleport to different spots in order to get a better position for a higher chance to clear a wave and move on to the next one. 

Final Archer VR IFGN Screenshot 3

Early Access 

The VR archery game is currently in Early Access on Steam and the developers from TOMATOVR are counting on the players’ feedback for the 3-4 months that are planned. Future updates will include optimization, balance adjustment, graphical updates and more to accomplish the best arrow shooting experience. 

Final Archer VR IFGN Screenshot 4


Sure real archery has a lot of differences to VR archery, especially with haptic feedback, but if you want to get the next best thing to experiencing it, then you should definitely try it. That is if you have a VR headset available. Final Archer VR is an upcoming indie game for VR archery that also combines magical arrows and tactical positioning in order to clear waves of enemies. If you like it and want to give it a try, definitely consider adding it to your wishlist on Steam.

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