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Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Kung Fu Master? – VR Kung Fu Simulator Kungfucious

Today we are going to preview a new and upcoming indie title by the already familiar to IFGN studio – Gattai Games. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my article for another great game of theirs – Stifled. This time, they are taking a different turn from the horror genre and echolocation to dive into the fighting simulators and turn you into a Kung Fu Master. 

 Kungfucious IFGN Screeshot Gif 1

Gameplay and Features

Kungfucious is a virtual reality Kung Fu simulator game but don’t worry. It won’t require you to do any type of complicated moves, spins, flips and so on. Instead, the game offers one core mechanic. Each enemy you face has weak points which are highlighted by blue orbs. Your task is to strike those orbs with two fingers in a rhythmic fashion. And striking them enough times will reveal a larger weak spot that when you punch it, it will cause more tons of damage. Of course, the game wouldn’t be satisfying without some slow motion. To slow the time you have to dodge or parry attacks and that’s how you get the satisfying effect. 

 Kungfucious IFGN Screenshot 2

Another really cool feature in the VR simulator game is using your Chi energy to perform special moves. You do that by using specific gestures with your fingers and then applying the hit to your enemy for a devastating amount of damage. 

Kungfucious IFGN Screenshot 3

Kungfucious is still in very early alpha and the free demo that they have provided has some bugs in it. For example, the enemies are sometimes non-responsive if you are a little far from them. But of course, we are not to judge the game for its current state and are looking forward to seeing it progress and being polished. 

 Kungfucious IFGN Screenshot 4


Gattai Games decided to take a different turn with their next project, and of course we are going to follow along the process and support them. Their previous games have been amazing, and Kungfucious seems to be following their steps nicely. It has some really interesting concepts and core mechanics that could really provide for hours of fun gameplay in virtual reality. If you want to become a Kung Fu Master and put to use your Chi energy, make sure to wishlist Kungfucious on Steam and follow along the journey.

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