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Have you ever wanted to be a God? Try This God Simulator Game

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a God? To be able to control the destiny of tiny miserable humans. To be able to make their lives better by giving them what they wish for. Or make them worse by pouring down a dozen of misfortunes on top of their heads. Or even worse than that – just straight up killing them in the most painful way. No? Just me? Well don’t worry, there are safer ways to do that without hurting anybody, so it’s all good! Just try this brand new God simulator game – Super Island God VR.

Super Island God VR IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

In this indie virtual reality game, you take on the role of a lost island tribe’s deity and embark on the God Simulator adventure that the devs from Empyrean Interactive have offered. Built exclusively for virtual reality, Island God VR allows you to channel your full power to either reward your civilization as they journey and evolve through dozens of every day life challenges. Or like I mentioned above to punish them in the most cruel ways, because why not.

Super Island God VR IFGN Screenshot 2

Features and Gameplay

The way Super Island God VR unfolds in front of your eyes is from a bird’s point of view. You see your little human civilization from above and with your god-like hands you are able to control everything your mind can think of. And whatever you do, the environment will respond accordingly. You can start and grow your village with various buildings at your disposal along with a number of villager jobs. Once you do that, you are then able to direct your citizens across six unique islands that have time attack modes and hidden objectives. By wielding your god powers, you will be able to discover different hidden toys and easter eggs as well as unlock unique set of hands by finding hidden coins.

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Super Island God VR is a full virtual reality God Simulator game that will allow all of your dark and psychotic, apocalyptic and sadistic desires to be safely unleashed on tiny virtual humans that don’t feel any pain or misery. The developers regularly update the game and keep up with the community on their Steam page, so if you like that game and want to buy it for yourself, I definitely recommend it!

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