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Harry Potter Will Approve Of The SoulKeeper VR

The SoulKeeper VR is an episodic dark fantasy Virtual Reality Role Playing Game. Experience the immersive world of Gerindak, filled with lore and adventure, as you play through the intertwining stories of various characters. Start off as Isoropos, a warrior monk, member of the ancient monastic order of the Lavordians as you embark on a dangerous quest to investigate rumors surrounding the Mardonians, the hated rivals of the Lavordians. Engage in combat wielding your sword, casting ferocious spells, utilizing your staff, or shooting arrows, all while treading on a treacherous path brimming with daunting enemies, towering beasts and deadly traps.

The Soulkeeper VR

About the game

The Soulkeeper VR offers different campaigns. There is a unique story for each character within the world of Gerindak. However, you are only able to play one of the stories for now. All of these stories will intertwine with each other in the end. The story follows the path of a mage who is an agent for an ancient monastic brotherhood. In the game there are interesting characters and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. 

The Soulkeeper VR


SoulKeeper VR has harmony between spells, staff, and sword. You can equip your sword in your right hand or your staff in your left hand. If a hand is empty you can either draw a rune in the air to equip the corresponding power. Either hand can cast spells if it’s free. Locomotion is the core way of moving in the game. There is also teleportation by pointing and using the grip button. Casting your spells is by drawing different symbols that will “activate” your spell. Drawing an L gives you fire, the V gives you electricity, a reversed L is ice and an arrow like symbol is a bomb type of spell. You get to understand the bigger part of the game thanks to the tutorial. However, the gameplay seems to be the weakness if this game. The object handling in the game isn’t yet thought trough. If you try to pick up objects that are near other objects there is a 50% chance you will pick up the wrong thing. No matter how carefully you try to pick up exactly what you want the game just decides to annoy you as much as possible. 

The Soulkeeper VR

All in all

I think it is too early to say a lot about this game as it is still in Early Access. I expect HELM to add more to The Soulkeeper VR and polish it further. They will certainly do their best at creating a good VR Harry Potter like experience. As HELM said “With the many advantages VR brings, it also brings a lot of uncertainties, and it still remains uncharted waters for game developers, since we all work to find what works best and what doesn’t.

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