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Grab a friend and a VR headset and try out Panoptic

Have you ever had to hide in plain sight in a video game? Become one with a crowd and just vanish, like in assassins creed. That can work well enough when you are hiding from other people, but imagine that you are trying not to be seen by a giant all seeing face in the sky. And that face is your friend that is playing in VR. Well that is the basic premise of Panoptic.

Playing cat and mouse

In Panoptic you and a friend play against each other in a twisted game of hide and seek. One of you puts on a VR headset and plays as a giant floating face with one eye. All around you are intricate building with hundreds of tiny little corridors and stairs. But more importantly, there is a bright glowing orb that you must protect. From who, you ask. From the other player of course. He plays through the PC and is a tiny little masked person.

Panoptic fortress lave

Little mask man

The player with a mouse and keyboard walks through the seemingly pretty big rooms and corridors, trying to avoid the sight of the other player.He quickly finds out if he is in his sight , because the other player shines a bright light wherever he looks. The goal is to get to the bright orb. That task may seem pretty impossible with an all seeing face in the air, but you have one thing on your side. You are just one of many identical masked people. They all walk pretty unnaturally, kind of like robots, and it’s you have to try and act like one of them.

Panoptic silhouette hall light person

Giant flying face

The player who uses VR can’t walk around but he can look at everything that is going on around him. So he sees all the little masked people walking around mindlessly and has to find the one that acts a bit off. Odds are that he is the other player. Once you think you know who the other player is, you have to shoot him with your red eye lazer. Make sure to find and shoot him before he gets to your precious orb and wins the game.

Panoptic mask with one eye looking at little people with masks


Pantonic is a very fun and, at the same time, nerve wracking experience. No matter if you are playing as the big flying face in VR or the tiny little masked person on the PC, the pressure is constantly on. If all this sounds interesting to you, head down to their Steam page and get it. Or you could try the free demo.

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