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Get a Virtual Butterfly Pet in Butterbies

Meet the Butterbies, your new best friends. A little baby caterpillar egg is lost and needs your help. Can you take care of the lost egg? Clean, feed and play mini games with your own virtual pet and watch it grow into a beautiful butterfly.



About the game

Butterbies is a virtual pet simulation. You can adopt and take care of a lost caterpillar egg and raise it to a beautiful butterfly. This process will teach you what it takes to look after a pet properly. You earn coins by carrying out chores and looking after the pet. If neglected the pet does not die it just looks sad and uncared for. There are several tasks you need to do in order to help your caterpillar grow. Occasional cleaning, daily feeding, playing mini games and making sure your caterpillar gets enough rest.

There is a wide selection of foods from which you can pick. However, some meals come with minus points for health. If you feed it with sweet things it will get sick in time. So sometimes you need to pick only vegetables or fruits. Your companion doesn’t like to be bored so you need to play games together sometimes. From all of these tasks you will be left with no money. If you need to earn more you have to play the mini games that are in the phone menu. If you get high scores at those games you will earn money. Also leveling up gives you a lot of money plus the growth of your caterpillar. All in all you can take care of as many of these cute creatures as you like.



As I mentioned earlier the game features mini games inside. By playing these mini games you earn coins. And with those coins you purchase food, room decorations and more for your caterpillar. As your virtual pet continues to grow it will require for you to pay more attention to it. Maybe play with it more or buy it bigger meals. And when the day comes, the final stage of the growing process will finish and your adorable caterpillar will become a majestic butterfly. You can make your own special collection of butterflies. Collect the Princess, the Fairy, the Witch, the Ballerina, the Mermaid, the Pop Star, the Vampire and the Astronaut Butterfly pets and watch your collection grow by the day.

Your virtual pet will respond in different ways if you stroke or tickle it. Also you will make it very happy if you decorate its room in different ways. You can choose from different wallpapers, flowers, blinds and lamps. Going on a fashion show from time to time is so much fun. Dress up your pet in different dresses or put on beautiful bags or tiaras. And at the end of it all take photographs of your fashionista butterfly.




Butterbies is a cute game where you get to learn what taking care of a pet really means. There are collectable butterflies that are customisable. It’s fun to play the mini games and look after your pet.

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