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Garden of the Sea: VR Gardening from the people behind Budget Cuts

I’ve never been one for gardens. Whether it’s because of my allergies or because I’m too lazy to have to care for plants, I just never felt the urge to plant something. But when it comes to video games, that’s a different story. When Stardew Valley came out, I got lost in that world for weeks. So clearly there is something that makes gardening fun in games. And this new VR gardening game sure seems fun. Let’s take a look at Garden of the Sea.

Did someone say plants?

Why yes I did. Just a moment ago, in the previous paragraph. And speaking of plants, they are the main focus of Garden of the Sea. You have a small island cottage in a magical world and you have a garden that you have to tend to, expand and improve.

Garden of the Sea ship sailing to an island

Did someone say animals?

No, actually. But, now that you mention it, there are animals on your island. Not your regular, everyday animals in fact. I did say that this is a magical world so naturally, the creatures that inhabit it are also pretty special. Feed and care for these creatures and in return get the pleasure of seeing their happy, little, cuddly faces. In gorgeous VR at that.

Where in all of this is the Sea?

Why are you asking so many questions? It’s almost like you clicked on this article about Garden of the Sea to learn about the game. Oh, I guess that makes sense. Well apart from the cottage, you also have a boat. You have to sail across the sea and find other islands from which to gather resources, which you will then use for crafting, gardening and caring for the creatures.

Garden of the Sea feeding a creature


Garden of the Sea has a beautiful art style and clever gameplay. And with a studio like Neat Corporation working on it, I know that it will be an amazing experience. They are the people who made Budget Cuts. Currently it is still in VR in Steam Early Access and you can play it on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

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