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Fun VR Tower Defense: IgKnight Golf Defender

Tell me, what do you think is the best way to defend a castle against an invading army of darkness. Reinforcing the walls? Stationing as many archers as possible? Having a huge army of your own? All of the above? Nope, the answer is golf. One strategically placed experienced golf player is all that you need, at least according to IgKnight Golf Defender. Yes, in this VR game you golf your way to victory. You have to give the developers points for creativity. The game isn’t out yet, but with such an interesting concept why not give a look at what might be in store for us.

IgKnight Golf Defender launching cannonball


Things were different in the past. Now we play golf for fun or as a competitive sport. Back in the fantasy medieval age however, golf was practiced by knights in order to defend against monsters and dark lords. One major difference between the sport as we know it now and the way that it was back then is that instead of golf balls they used cannonballs. That’s the basic premise of IgKnight Golf Defender. You may argue that it is not historically accurate, but I’d like to mention that people didn’t have cannons back then so how else would they fire the cannonballs.

IgKnight Golf Defender bird view


IgKnight Golf Defender is a VR tower defense game, so you are already getting an idea of how it’s gonna play. In the standard campaign mode you stand atop of a castle wall as a variety of monsters come your way. In order to fight them off you game to employ your golfing skills and launch cannonballs in their direction. To help you out, there are some special projectiles, such as an explosive cannonball, that will pack a bigger punch. The other planned game mode is the Strength Test Challenge where you simply see how far you can send the ball. There will also be an Accuracy Test Challenge, in which you try to hit a target from afar. IgKnight Golf Defender will also feature online leaderboards to compare your skills with others and a 2-4 player multiplayer campaign mode.

IgKnight Golf Defender Boss


It seems like IgKnight Golf Defender is forming up to be a simple game, but potentially a decent one. The concept is ridiculous, but in a good way, and if done right the gameplay could be pretty fun as well, at least for a couple of hours. If you are interested in the game you can check out the Steam store page here.

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