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Fulfill Your Dreams of Breaking into Houses in Thief Simulator VR

Thank God for games that let you experience the darker side of yourself. Games that allow you to get to know the evil twin within you. Those are games in which you can break the law, do absolutely inappropriate things in public that you wouldn’t normally do in real life and even… As much as I don’t want to say it – commit more serious crimes like murder. It’s not funny, but I just don’t know what is so satisfying about running over large groups of people in GTA, for example. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyways, today we are looking at Thief Simulator – a game that is going to allow you to experience another forbidden by society action – stealing! 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 1

About the Game

In Thief Simulator, you are a burglar who roams around sandbox neighbourhoods. With your fine skills in theft, you have to observe your target home and gather as much information about it as possible, so that you can commit a successful burglary. Sell the stolen goods so that you can then buy some high-end burglar equipment. Also, improve your thief skills even further by taking the challenge to rob the best secured homes. This is Thief Simulator and there is only one thing you can’t do – let yourself get caught! 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 2

Gameplay and Features

In Thief Simulator you have to gather intel for your next victim. You do that by selecting your target, finding out who lives there, studying their schedule and all of that necessary information that will help you with the theft. You have lots of possible approaches to commit the burglary and it is all up to your skills and imagination. Remember, you have to be quick. And you have to gather the most valuable things. Your backpack isn’t infinite, so you can’t carry everything. It is up to you to decide what is worth carrying and what should be left behind, so that it doesn’t slow you down. A cool feature in the game is the special thief flashlight. It allows you to spot from afar places where there is a higher chance to find valuable items. Just highlight the places you expect them to be. 

Thief Simulator VR IFGN Screenshot 3

Of course, some of the items you find will help you out in a different way. They will save you time and teach you new skills like lockpicking or hacking. But you must always have your eyes peeled. Sometimes, a house may have unexpected guests that if they catch you, will immediately call the police. You can then wait until they give up or run away. You should also remember that some things can also attract police attention to you. 

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Thief Simulator is promising to be a very realistic game with good-looking graphics and interesting and authentic gameplay. The developers have provided a lot of fun features in the game, that will help bring to the immersion both in a VR game and in the role of a thief/burglar. The game is marked as coming soon to Steam, so if you like simulators and have always wanted to know what it’s like to be a thief, then I definitely recommend you add this game to your wishlist.

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